Crazy Little Love Song · 8 January 2000

I’m sittin’ out on the front porch playin’ guitar
Singin’ George Straight and an Elvis song or two
When you come out and snuggle right beside me
I just gotta start playin’ that crazy tune.

     That crazy little love song
     Not a song to be whisperin’ in your ear
     That crazy little love song
     The neighbors say go somplace else where we can’t hear

I’m sittin’ on the bar stool playin’ guitar
The crowd’s just lovin’ all of my tunes
Then you walk in and sit down in the front row
I don’t even finish before I start playin’ that tune


It’s you and me standin’ in front of the preacher
I kiss you right after we say I do
Then before we walk back down the aisle
I grab a guitar and start singin’ that crazy tune


© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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