No Whiskey, No Beer · 11 January 2000

       C                                       F         C
I walked into the bar, on a Saturday night
Thought I’d order a beer, then she came into sight
     C                             F                    C
Told the bartender, I know that I’m sure
                  F                 C                G               C
Pour me what she is drinkin’, and send one to her

Chorus 1:
               G              C
Started thinkin’, “More whiskey, more beer
“Just what we need to have some fun around here
                   C        F    C
“Pour the drinks, all night
                F                         G                 C
“‘Cause that’s what we all need to feel right”

Well, he got out two glasses, and poured us some coke
I just looked at him, he said it was no joke
I still went on over, and sat next to her
A little bit wary, not quite so sure

Chorus 2:
I started thinkin’, “No whiskey, no beer
“What am I gonna do to have some fun around here
“No drinkin’ tonight
“How am I gonna feel right?”

She said thanks for the drinks, now get up and dance
We started two-steppin’, I had not a chance
To miss all the drinkin’, that I would have done
If I hadn’t happened, upon the right one

Chorus 3:
Started thinkin’, “No whiskey, no beer
“I guess I didn’t need it to have fun in here
“Just dancin’ all night
“Is all I need to feel just right”
“Especially if it’s with Missus Right.”
“She’s all I need to feel all right.”

© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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