I Can Still Hear Your Voice · 14 January 2000

I can still hear your voice
I can still feel your touch
I can still see your face
Oh Lord, I miss you so much
I can still taste your lips
I can still smell your hair
I can still sense you next to me
But when I wake up you’re not there

D                                             G
I can’t believe you’re gone, forever
Em                                  A                 D
I can’t believe that it happened, this way
D                                                       G
When I kissed you goodbye, this morning
Em                       A                   D
I just thought it’d be, just for today


There will be a hole in my heart, forever
It almost seems that my heart, is gone
You were always there to lift me up
Yes, you were always my nine-one-one


I’m still gonna love you dear, forever
It will just have to be, in a different way
Gonna love our kids enough for the both of us
Even though we’ll all miss you, everyday


© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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