Still Gentle on My Mind · 3 July 2003

Glen Campbell sang of livin’ life with gentle on his mind
And John Denver sang; he sang of that rocky mountain high
But me, I like to sing about living life with no regrets
Because so far I’ve had a life; a life that I never can forget

     Gentle on my mind
     Gets sweeter with time
     Gentle on my mind
     Livin’ life so fine

Life is so sweet and I can’t help but lovin’ every day
And I thank God for blessing me every time I kneel down to pray
For the happiness and sadness for the joy and yes, for the despair
They all make life worth living and give me a reason to care


I’m gonna sing about goodness and badness and everything between
They all bring joy to livin’ if you know what I mean
So when I sing a sad song know that I am still lovin’ life
‘Cause it wouldn’t be worth living but for all the struggle and the strife


So let Glen Campbell keep singing of livin’ life with gentle on his mind
And we can still remember John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High
But I’ll keep singin’ of livin’ life with no regrets
And I’ll keep on livin’ a life that no one will forget.


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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