I'm a Shooting Star · 5 July 2003

I’m just a kid from Duvall, a little ol’ town
They roll up the streets when the sun goes down
     I gave my class ring to my high school sweetheart
People always say, “Hi,” when you walk down the street
Everybody’s a friend that you happened to meet
     Those are the humble beginnings where I got my start

     Bright lights shining down on me
     Spot lights are so bright I can hardly see
     Are the people standing up
     And cheering for me?
     I’m just a country boy with country roots
     Grew up wearing tennis shoes and cowboy boots
     I can’t believe people think
     That I’m a shooting star

Woke up this morning; didn’t know where I was
Traveling all night to get here left my head in a fuzz
     It seems I never get to be anywhere close to home
People want my autograph; they think I’m a star
I guess I’ve come a ways since I only played in bars
     The price of success is that I’ve got to roam


I visit Mom and Dad at the old homestead
Sometimes just to visit and clear up my head
     To them I’m just their boy not a shooting star
And when I walk down the street people just say, “Hi.”
Not an autograph to sign from any passersby
     The comfort of home is being just who you are


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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