Give Me One More Chance · 6 July 2003

I set my old guitar down
Retired her for the night
Couldn’t play a single tune
So I sat down to write
I wrote of Rocky Mountain high
I wrote of tender love
But everything I wrote last night
You were the subject of

     I know I don’t deserve to get one more chance
     To give you my time and show you romance
     Don’t say it’s too late to show my love to you
     Just come back to me and let my love shine through

I can’t believe you left me
I can’t believe it’s true
That I treated you so badly
Even though my love was true
You said that love and romance
Were all about my time
But even when we said I do
I couldn’t give you more of mine


Can you ever forgive me
For the things that I have done
For not giving you my attention
For not going one-on-one
Please give me just one more chance
To show you that I care
To tell you that I love you
Just by being there


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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