Time to Put the Six-Shooters Down · 7 July 2003

     I guess that it’s time

     To put the six-shooters down

     It must be time to settle down
     Maybe open a store in some little town
          As long as I’m with you
          Any old thing will do

I fought the range wars I’m a hired gun
I’ve worn a badge and I rode shot gun
     For the stage
     Started at an early age
I’ve shot at Jesse James and Doc Holiday
Whichever side of the law would put up the pay
     Just a hired gun
     But gettin’ shot at’s no fun


When the shootin’ starts you know I never run
When I’m called out to fight I just go for my gun
     I’ve got a steady hand
     I always get my man
But I’ve taken some shots; lots of scars are mine
I’ve even got a slug lodged in the back of my spine
     I got bushwhacked
     It left a pain in my back


I’ve met a woman or two in some little town
But not a one made me want to settle down
     Until I met you
     Now my totin’ days are through
I guess I’ll start ridin’ the range and hearding some cattle
Even though I’m not totin’ I can sit tall in the saddle
     Or I can settle down
     In some little town


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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