Twenty-Four Seven · 8 July 2003

When Monday comes, the grind starts again
Then Tuesday morning, with no sight of the end
     Up before dawn
     Workin’ all day long
Wednesday drags on; they say it’s hump day
Thursday’s just a day away from payday
     The week’s almost through
     I want to be with you

     I’m workin’ twenty-four hours to be with you
     Twenty-four hours to see it through
          Twenty-four hours
          I’m workin’ twenty-four hours

When Friday night comes, I’m there at the bar
But I’m not drinkin’, I’m just playin’ guitar
     And singin’ my songs
     I’m playin’ all night long
And then you walk in with a smile on your face
You walk down and take a seat at your place
     A table for one
     Until my songs are done


When Saturday comes, I spend all day with you
And then night time comes and I’m playing for you
     There’s a crowd it’s true
     But I only play for you
Then Sunday comes and the week’s almost through
I start longing that day just to be with you
     All my life
     I just want you as my wife

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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