Mamas Love Their Children · 13 October 2003

Mamas love their children like God loves each of us
They love them and protect them with every ounce of their strength and love
They give them hugs and kisses morning, noon, and night
When mamas love their children everything in the world is right

     Mama, thanks for giving me all your love
     Thank you for showing me      God’s love from above
     Thank you for loving me no matter what I do
     Mama I’ve got to tell you I love you so much too

Mamas love their children no matter what they do
Even when kids behave badly a mama’s love is true
They say a prayer for protection every time kids say “Goodbye”
And they don’t breathe or sleep until they come again and tell her “Hi”


Mamas love their children and ‘though daddies love them too
Kids seem to love their mamas more than dads about times two
And ‘though dads love their children like God loves each of us
Kids still run to their mamas when they need kisses and hugs


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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