Just a Kiss on the Cheek · 12 October 2003

It was just a look that you gave me from across the room
I just knew that I had to meet you real soon
We were just kids in a classroom but I knew right then
You’d be my woman and I’d be your man

It was just a word that you said I think it was “Hi”
You were saying it as I walked on by
I fell over my own feet I didn’t know what to say
I couldn’t believe that you said “Hi,” that day

It was just a touch on the hand as we walked side by side
But I knew right then that you’d be my bride
Your touch was electric my heart skipped a beat
I didn’t know it was love but I knew you were sweet

It was just a kiss on the cheek to end our first date
Dinner and a movie that I thought were great
It’s been twenty years now we still walk hand in hand
I’m so glad you decided that I’d be your man

     It was just the look that you gave me that said “How do you do?”
     The words, “Hello darlin’” to say “I’d like to meet you”
     A touch on the hand let me know that you liked me too
     It was just a kiss on the cheek that said, “I love you”

You told me one day that you knew it was me
That first day I saw you in Geometry
Our courtship was slow to make sure it was right
You sealed it with a kiss when you kissed me good night

I’ve thought lots about it since you told me your plan
It almost seems like I was just clay in your hand
But I’ve watched our three daughters do it to three young men
All I can do is shake my head again and again

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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