Just Smoke in My Arms · 10 October 2003

I saw you looking right at me, standing there so sweet
I said to myself, “Get your courage up; that girl you’ve got to meet.”
I started walking over there to her, to ask her for a date
But when I got to where I thought she was, I guess I was too late

     (1-Now) (2-But) I (3-still) see you in my dreams – all night all day
     In New York, Seattle, LA
     In my dreams you dazzle me with all your charms
     But when I wake up you’re smoke in my arms
     You’re always just smoke in my arms
     (v. 3 only)
     You’ve always been smoke in my arms

It was amateur night I was up on the stage; you were staring up at me
When my set was over I went down to your seat; hoping it’d be you that I’d see
But I was too late again you’d already gone; someone else was already there
I knew it was hopeless I’d never meet you; you vanished into thin air


I made it to Nashville to sing my sad song; I know I won’t meet you
Every time I sing this song I shed a tear; it’s always just for you
‘Cause I realized after all of this time; you were an angel or you were a dream
But it doesn’t matter I see you at night; but it’s only in my dreams


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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