The Good Life Got the Best of Me · 9 October 2003

I started singing country music, back in nineteen-ninety-three
I wanted to provide the good life, for my future wife and me
I sang at the local honkey tonks, then we moved to Tennessee
I hit it big in Nashville, thought that’s how life was supposed to be

My songs all hit the big time, I got a gold CD
Started to have the good life, just my new wife and me
Then fame and fortune went to my head, I started to live the wild life
Didn’t realize that down the road, I might just lose my wife

When my wife had our little baby, she thought I’d get some perspective
Thought I might start thinking about, the way I ought to live
But the good life kept on beckoning, I couldn’t let it go
Still I stood in disbelief, when my wife told me she’d go

     I got a fast car I was a country star
     I was wild and I was free
     I had a different woman every night
     They all wanted me
     But I lost the women in my life
     Who meant the most to me
     Well I’m sorry for the things I’ve done
     I often think of what might be
     If I hadn’t let the good life get the best of me

I spend my nights alone now; my life a living hell
There are groupies downstairs waiting in lobby of this hotel
I just sit here looking at a picture of you and our daughter, Melody
I sent a birthday present, I cant’ believe she’s already three

I think back to the beginning, before I hit it big
When you were by my side, whether or not I got the gig
I just wanted the good life, to be with you every day
Now I’ve got the good life, but I lost you along the way


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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