Write a Song for Me · 8 October 2003

I got a message from the Lord one day
He said, “Write a song for me
Give it rhythm and give it soul
Give it four-part harmony”

He said…

     Write another song
     So people sing along
          To tell the whole world
          Jesus loves you
     Play it with a band
     So people clap their hands
          And everybody knows
          Jesus cares…
          About you (and you and you and you…)

You write songs of love and songs of pain
Now write one full of joy
Give it a simple melody
That everyone can enjoy


So I sat right down and wrote this song
A dictation from God above
To tell of truth and happiness
That comes from the God of love

I heard…
Chorus (2 times with key change second time)

I got a message from the Lord one day…

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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