I See You Everywhere · 6 October 2003

When I watch the sun go down
When I’m driving through town
You know I feel you there
In the rocks and trees
In the birds and the bees
I feel you everywhere

     Lord you life me up
     With Your boundless love
     An overflowing cup
     Filled from up above
     I want the world to see
     All Your love in me
     Lord please shine in me
     So everyone can see

In the faces I see
When I walk down the street
You know I see you there
In the earth and sky
When I watch the clouds go by
I see you everywhere


When I see Your hand
All over the land
You know I have to SHOUT
When the singing starts
It lifts my heart
I feel my soul cry out

Chorus (2x)

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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