Why? · 2 October 2003

I know it’s been said, “Only the good die young.”
On this I must agree
For just last night my baby up and died
Left me in misery
I just cried…

Chorus 1:
     Do the good die young
     Instead of those of us
     Who just do everything wrong
     Is it because
     They don’t need a second chance
     When they hear the music
     They just get up and dance
     But tell me, “Why?”
     Did my baby leave me
     Is it my punishment
     Oh please don’t deceive me
     Just tell me why.

I sat there in pain, in rage, and in sorrow
And everything in between
A mama’s/daddy’s not supposed to watch her baby die
Now what does my life mean?
I asked God…

Chorus 1

When the rage subsided and the sorrow faded
And the tears went dry
In the quiet of my empty room
I thought I heard God cry
And He asked me…

Chorus 2:
     Can’t you learn to trust Me
     Instead of doubting
     Don’t you know I love you
     Is it because
     You don’t think it hurts me
     I lost my Son too
     Your loss is my misery
     But tell me, “Why?”
     Can’t you go on living
     You’ll see your baby
     Just keep on believing
     Please tell me why.

I sat there stunned I didn’t think I had lost faith
But then maybe I had
My baby was in a better place now
Someday I won’t be so sad
Now I don’t ask…

Chorus 1

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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