Time Is All I Need · 1 October 2003

I remember when you used to drop me off at school
When you’d kiss me goodbye I’d feel like such a fool
But when I told you to get away from me
You weren’t supposed to go off and watch your TV
When what I need from you is…

     Time – Daddy don’t keep walkin’ through that door
     Time – Your attention’s what I’m lookin’ for
     Time – Mama I just want some time to share
     Time – And to know you’ll always be there
     Time is all I’m really lookin’ for
     And maybe one thing more
     I want to hear the words, “I love you.”

I used to hate interrogations at the dinner table
You got me to tell all the tales that I was able
But then we stopped having family meals
Just ‘cause I told you it was no big deal
But what I need from you is…


You used to pry so deep into my life
I told you to quit causing me such strife
But when I would tell you to go away
You were supposed to sit and stay
‘Cause what I need from you is…


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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