Don't Say Goodbye · 1 January 2000

Male-Female Duet
(guitar: capo first fret)

(Guy) Please don’t write to say you’re leavin’
          C         G
     And that this is the end
Don’t call to say that we
     should just be friends
If you have to leave me baby
          C             G
     don’t wave as you pass by
G               D
Let your leaving me alone
     be your good-bye.

(Together) Everyday my love grows stronger
     I’ll love you ‘til the end
You’re my lover and you’re
     my best friend
With each passing day I realize
     I need you by my side
(Guy) Please don’t leave me here alone
(Girl) Leaving you alone will be
     (Guy)with a good-bye
     (Girl)my last good-bye.

     C                    G
(Guy) God knows that I need you a lot more than I should
     D             C                G
     Say you’ll always be here by my side
     C                    G
(Girl) You know I’d never leave you; I don’t know that I could
     D                  C       G
     My leaving you will be my last good-bye.

(Girl) I don’t ever want to leave you
     I’m yours until the end
We will always be more
     than just friends
I’ll never leave you baby
     until the day I die
That’s when I’ll leave you with
     my last good-bye.
(Bridge together)

© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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