Mama Use to Sing a Silly Song · 11 October 2003

Mama used to sing this silly ole song
Sounded like Bo Jangles with the words all wrong
She sang about her children one of which was me
I really gotta tell you it was embarrassing

     Mama used to sing that song all day long
     She never sang the same words but still sang them strong
     The more that I would blush the louder she’d sing
     I really gotta tell you it was embarrassing
     Every time she’d sing it was embarrassing

Whenever my friends would come over she’d sing that song
And eventually they learned the words and sang along
My brothers didn’t blush they’d just join in and sing
I really gotta tell you it was embarrassing


Well mama hit the big time with that silly ole song
She sings it on the stage; she sings it loud and strong
Even though all the people love to hear her sing
I really gotta tell you it’s still embarrassing

     Now mama sings that song to folks all night long
     She still never sings the same words but she sings them strong
     The more that I still blush the louder she sings
     I really gotta tell you it is embarrassing
     Yes, I really gotta tell you it’s still embarassing

     But Mama sing your song
     Just sing it strong
     Mama sing your song
     Sing it all night long
     No matter what you do I still hate that thing
     I really gotta tell you it’s so embarrassing
     No matter what you do it’s still embarrassing

© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Just Smoke in My Arms · 10 October 2003

I saw you looking right at me, standing there so sweet
I said to myself, “Get your courage up; that girl you’ve got to meet.”
I started walking over there to her, to ask her for a date
But when I got to where I thought she was, I guess I was too late

     (1-Now) (2-But) I (3-still) see you in my dreams – all night all day
     In New York, Seattle, LA
     In my dreams you dazzle me with all your charms
     But when I wake up you’re smoke in my arms
     You’re always just smoke in my arms
     (v. 3 only)
     You’ve always been smoke in my arms

It was amateur night I was up on the stage; you were staring up at me
When my set was over I went down to your seat; hoping it’d be you that I’d see
But I was too late again you’d already gone; someone else was already there
I knew it was hopeless I’d never meet you; you vanished into thin air


I made it to Nashville to sing my sad song; I know I won’t meet you
Every time I sing this song I shed a tear; it’s always just for you
‘Cause I realized after all of this time; you were an angel or you were a dream
But it doesn’t matter I see you at night; but it’s only in my dreams


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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The Good Life Got the Best of Me · 9 October 2003

I started singing country music, back in nineteen-ninety-three
I wanted to provide the good life, for my future wife and me
I sang at the local honkey tonks, then we moved to Tennessee
I hit it big in Nashville, thought that’s how life was supposed to be

My songs all hit the big time, I got a gold CD
Started to have the good life, just my new wife and me
Then fame and fortune went to my head, I started to live the wild life
Didn’t realize that down the road, I might just lose my wife

When my wife had our little baby, she thought I’d get some perspective
Thought I might start thinking about, the way I ought to live
But the good life kept on beckoning, I couldn’t let it go
Still I stood in disbelief, when my wife told me she’d go

     I got a fast car I was a country star
     I was wild and I was free
     I had a different woman every night
     They all wanted me
     But I lost the women in my life
     Who meant the most to me
     Well I’m sorry for the things I’ve done
     I often think of what might be
     If I hadn’t let the good life get the best of me

I spend my nights alone now; my life a living hell
There are groupies downstairs waiting in lobby of this hotel
I just sit here looking at a picture of you and our daughter, Melody
I sent a birthday present, I cant’ believe she’s already three

I think back to the beginning, before I hit it big
When you were by my side, whether or not I got the gig
I just wanted the good life, to be with you every day
Now I’ve got the good life, but I lost you along the way


© 2003 Michael T. Miyoshi

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