Writing Substance · 6 November 2012

I am not sure I can keep up this writing marathon. It could be the death of me.

The problem with writing and posting every day is simply that I need to write and post every day. That would not be a problem if I did not care about the quality of what I am writing. At least a little bit. But I do. I want what I write to be a finished product with substance. Even if it is short. Even if it is really just substance that means something to me. Unfortunately, that brings up a problem of not having enough substance every day.

As I read more and run more, I am sure to get more substance even if it is just in the form of writing my feelings from the day. So maybe this writing slump I have been feeling is just that proverbial wall they talk about when running a real marathon. I just need to keep moving and keep writing until I get through it.

I may hit a few spots where the quality and quantity of my writing goes down, but I will just conquer my task one day at a time. And hopefully armed with that attitude, I can and will keep up this writing marathon. Even if it kills me.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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