Potlucks · 8 November 2012

Potlucks are tougher than eating out for vegans (and almost vegans). While you get to choose what to eat when dining out, at potlucks you take your chances that there will be any food without meat or dairy. Especially at sports banquets.

Fortunately, at my son’s cross country banquet, I managed to eat my way. I was thankful for the pastas, salads, and potatoes people brought. And for the spaghetti without meat or dairy sauces.

Thankfully, desserts are mostly vegan, and there are always plenty at potlucks and other gatherings. Lately, I have had a few too many treats (at places beside banquets too), and there is still one more potluck where I will indulge myself before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am sure I will survive. Still, I hope I will be in the swing of running before all the holiday treats are everywhere beckoning me to take a bite. Or more.

I really appreciate the dishes people make (especially desserts) that are vegan friendly or close. And while you do not get to order what you want, I am thankful that choosing foods without meat or dairy is not impossible at potlucks.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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