Looking Back · 25 January 2013

Looking back, I can see that all those last minute essays I wrote as a teenager have prepared me well for the not so glamorous life of a daily blogger.

I remember well the days when I was younger and had essays to write. I would always do them at the last minute and they seemed to come out okay. Even as I look at my more recent pieces, I can see that I have made progress as a writer. Maybe not much, but I am getting better.

Just writing is the way I have gotten better. And maybe that is the whole point of this daily blogging thing. I get to write about the whole God conspiracy, including writing and health. Whether people read it or not is really irrelevant. I become a better writer as I get healthier. That is a pretty good combo.

But there is a big picture lesson here too. A couple actually. When we are passionate about something, we put our time into it. And when we put our time into that something, we get better at it.

I have told myself for years that I am passionate about writing, but have not always put my time into it. I have gotten better over time, but putting out a finished piece six days a week has honed my skills quicker than putting out just one a week. I may not have tons of readers, but I am getting better at my craft for when (if ever) I do.

Looking back, I see that I still have that same angst I had all those years ago when something was due, but I know that within whatever time I have, I can put out at least a finished paragraph for all to see. Looking back, I see that finishing all those essays at the last minute has prepared me for this life of daily blogging. To this life of being a writer.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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