You'll Never Be Mine · 4 January 2000

You’ll never be mine
                           A                 B
     ‘Though we spend time together
‘Though we walk hand-in-hand
                      (A)                E
     And we reach for the stars
             A              E
‘Though I can’t imagine
        A                 E
My life without you
                               B              E
I know that you’ll never be mine

B                                           A            E
When we first met I knew we’d be together
                A                   B              E
     But I guess that I should have known
B                                               A              E
That we could be friends because I love your mother
                A                       B
     But you’d never become my son

I just can’t believe that…


I guess I know that I’m not really your Daddy ‘Though I love you more than you’ll know
It all became clear when I heard you say, “Daddy!” To someone who called on the phone
It made me realize that…


I know that I can’t take the place of your Daddy And I wouldn’t even try
But I’ll do my best to make us a family Me, you, and your Mommy
I’ll just remember that…


© 2000 Michael T. Miyoshi

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